• Hole diameters up to 300 mm
  • Various sizes available
  • Primary current up to 5000 A

Cable current transformers type JK are used in indoor switchgears. They transform high currents up to 5000 A into standardised values for meters, measuring and protection devices.

General description
Technical data
Type JK
StandardIEC / IEEE
Highest voltage for equipmentkV0.72
Rated power-frequency withstand voltagekV3
FrequencyHz16.7 / 50 / 60
Primary rated currentA1 - 5000
Secondary rated currentA1 / 5
Rated short-time thermal current [Ith]kA / 1s100 x In
Rated dynamic current [Idyn]kA2.5 x Ith
Accuracy class0.1-3; 0.2S; 0.5S; P; PR; PX; PXR; TPX; TPY; TPZ
Max. number of CT cores4
Type JK
Transformer sizeAmm230350400450
Height of unitHmm80-18080-300100-300100-300
Internal diameterDmm50-18060-250100-290100-290
Distance between screw holes at baseBmm200300350400